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"The First United Methodist Church of Goliad strives to attract, welcome, and empower people to develop and sustain a loving relationship with God and each other through Jesus Christ.  We will encourage each individual to discover and use God-given skills, gifts, and resources to meet the diverse needs of our community and world through prayer, outreach, and education."


In order to accomplish our mission, we must be in community with others who will nurture and challenge us to grow in faith, hope, and love. Two regular opportunities that form us into disciples are Sunday School and worship. Service is also crucial for a life of discipleship and we are continually working to discover and engage with and for our community in humble, intentional service.


Wherever you are in your journey of faith. Whether you are asking questions and searching, whether you are just beginning a life of discipleship, or have been following Christ for years, you are welcome and there’s a place for you within our community! We need you and you need us, so come join us in a life of discipleship so that we can make even a greater difference in our world together through the power of God’s Spirit. Together, we will strive to do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God! 

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